We Provide Security Guard, Lady Security Guard, Body Guard, Security Officer, Bouncers, Gunman, Fireman, Bum Diffuser, Helpers, Office Boy, HouseKeeping, Driver, Utility Workers and Pantry Boys.

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We are one of the leading service providers of Security Guards, Housekeeping Services based in Delhi, India.

Our services are able to cater a wide range of clients like corporate IT, Banking, Telecoms and other industries.

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Facility Services relates arrangement for professional maintenance and upkeep of the property. People normally sense the quality of their life from their surroundings, the environment in which they live and the facilitates infrastructure. Facility Services include Office Boy, Driver, HouseKeeping, Pantry Boys, Landscaping Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Air Conditioning Management, Plumbing and Carpentry & Electrical Services and many more which helps to keep the premises neat & clean, healthy & secure at all the times.This is called "Total Facility Management Solutions"

Now a day´s requirement to outsource the Facility Management Services has taken vast place to manage the building maintenance as per hygienic standard.

In today ´s scenario Facility Management Services is deficit requirement of all the organizations. Our expert team will maintain the Facility Management Services in a professional way.

Quality Excellence forms the core of our house keeping concept. We provide well–trained & skilled house keeping staff to meet the rigorous duties in various sectors such as individual homes, hospitality industry, corporate firms, etc.

Services of Office Boys, Maintenance Staff and Drivers are also available.

Housing keeping is a refined concept that borders on the line of excellence. It should be executed in a flawless and sleek manner that brings instant results and we have a well-integrated system that meets the art of perfection in this task.

 Benefits from Facility Management Services »

There are so many benefits to moving beyond the basic in-sourcing, out-tasking or outsourcing of Facility Management Services to a professional Facility Management Service Provider Company wherein some Facility Management Services are managed and self-performed by one service provider while others are handled by firms with which it has partnered, all in an integrated manner.